2021 Mathematicalendar  (Day-Month-Year format)

The Mathematicalendar is a celebration of mathematical patterns in the date! Each date is turned into either an equation, a pattern or a puzzle to solve, linking the day, month and year together. One column in each month is left blank for you to make your own mathematical creations. The picture pages show Maths at work in different situations.


It’s hoped that the Mathematicalendar will help Maths become part of your daily routine, and assist you on your journey into the wonderful Language of your Universe.


This edition uses the Australian/European date format (Day-Month-Year). 

If you're wanting the US date format, please return to the menu and select the US version. 

2021 Mathematicalendar (Day-Month-Year format)

  • The Mathematicalendar is a unique calendar that makes Mathematical connections using the  digits of the date.

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