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The Mathematicalendar is about using the date and the real world to teach Maths.  This maths calendar contains an abundance of patterns, equations and puzzles that link the day, month and year together.  And you can create your own as well. The picture pages show Maths at work in different, often surprising,  situations in the real world. 


Mathematics is everywhere, after all! It’s all about patterns that appear in our daily lives, in nature, and in our built environment. That’s the simple beauty of Mathematics – often unnoticed, but there anyway!

The Mathematicalendar will help Maths become part of your daily routine, and assist you on your journey into the wonderful Language of your Universe.

MATM Paddington 18 Jan 2020 (12).jpg

Maths is the Language of the Universe

- Galileo

Everyone can use the Mathematicalendar in their daily lives:


  • Children and students of all ages - Primary and High School.

  • Parents, to help re-learn what they might've forgotten, so they can help their children.

  • Teachers, to use as lesson starters, or to build lessons around. 

  • Lovers of numbers everywhere, for a little entertainment each day.

About the Creator

The Mathematicalendar is the creation of Paul Bowyer, a Maths teacher and tutor in Sydney, Australia.


After a career in the IT industry, Paul started teaching Maths in 2014. He uses innovative teaching techniques to connect Mathematics to the world around us, and the date is a regular feature!


Tailored Calendars for Schools

You can have The Mathematicalendar tailored for your school – a great way to help build the numeracy of the whole school community! 

You can include:

  • Your school crest, website and motto on the cover

  • Colour scheme using your school colours

  • Photos of your students, conveying Mathematical ideas

  • A personalised message from your Principal or Executive

  • A4 or A3 sizes available


Maths at the Markets

The Mathematicalendar travels to markets around Sydney between November and January. It's a feast of mathematical fun and fascination for students from Year 1 to Year 101!  

2022/22 Markets

The Mathematicalendar will be active at markets throughout Sydney between November and January including Mosman Art and Crafts Markets, Paddington Markets and The Beaches Markets. For dates and locations, please see my Facebook and Instagram below

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