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Tailored Calendars
for your school

The Mathematicalendar is a unique calendar that makes Mathematical connections using the  digits of the date. 

It’s great for building numeracy for students of all ages. It is suitable for low-floor high-ceiling tasks and can be used for lesson starters and extended to practically any topic, including problem-solving.


Benefits for Teachers:

  • Great lesson starters

  • Adaptable to whatever topic you’re teaching – geometry, probability, algebra, number, statistics, problem solving

  • Helps link different topics together

  • Low-floor and high-ceiling tasks

  • Students can work at their own pace

  • Shows how Maths appears in other subjects

  • Reinforces key concepts and notation

Benefits for Students:

  • Students can generate their own problem

  • Can be used at home and at school

  • Deepens understanding of fundamentals like Order of Operations and Negative

  • Challenges thinking

Get your own tailored version

You can have The Mathematicalendar tailored for your school – a great way to help build the numeracy of the whole school community! 

You can include:

  • Your school crest, website and motto on the cover

  • Colour scheme using your school colours

  • Photos of your students, conveying Mathematical ideas

  • A personalised message from your Principal or Executive

  • A4 or A3 sizes available


How it works

The Mathematicalendar uses the digits of the date to create either a pattern, an equation, or a problem to solve. By working through these calculations, you will improve your number skills. 

How it works_.png

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