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Change the way you think about Maths!

2024 Calendars




Mathematics is in everything! The Mathematicalendar brings the Maths around us to life, 

showing that it is truly the Language of the Universe. 

It turns the digits of each date into fun and engaging patterns, equations and problems .

Great for building numeracy skills!

The Mathematicalendar will change the way you think about Maths!




The Mathematicalendar
is a unique calendar that
will change the way you think about Maths.


Professional Development

Paul Bowyer is a Maths teacher in Sydney, Australia. He is available for school visits and runs courses in "Teaching Maths like the Language of the Universe", 

in person and online. 


Maths in everyday life

Mathematics is all around us!

Learn about the patterns that

appear in our daily lives,

in nature, and in our built environment.

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