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Benefits for Teachers:

  • Great lesson starters from Year 4 up

  • Adaptable to virtually any topic – geometry, probability, algebra, number, statistics, problem solving, etc

  • Helps link different topics together

  • Low-floor and high-ceiling tasks possible

  • Students can work at their own pace

  • Shows how Maths appears in other subjects

  • Helps answer the question "When will I use this?"

  • Reinforces key concepts and notation

Benefits for Students:

  • Creative and fun - students can generate their own problems 

  • Can be used at home and at school

  • Deepens understanding of fundamentals like Order of Operations and Negatives

  • Helps answer the question "When will I use this?"

  • Challenges their thinking => blows their mind! 

How it works

The Mathematicalendar turns the digits of the date into patterns, equations and problems to solve. By working through these calculations, you will improve your number skills. The picture pages show Maths at work in other subjects and in the world around us. 

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